Meet Randy

Randy Weber is a public servant, a proven conservative, and successful small business owner. Most importantly, he is a devoted family man and a Christian. Elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 2008, Weber has earned an enviable record as a principled conservative who gets results. He has served on the committees of Environmental Regulation, Public Education...


November 7, 2012

A statement from Congressman-Elect Randy Weber League City- Tonight, Republican candidate Randy Weber was declared the victor in Congressional District 14. “Over the past 15 months I’ve been traveling this great district on the Gulf Coast. I’m deeply honored that voters have chosen me to be their voice in Congress. I will serve my constituents [...]


November 6, 2012

EXTENDED POLLING HOURS FOR GALVESTON COUNTY Democrats are trying to steal this election for Barack Obama! If you missed your chance to vote this morning due to trouble at your polling place a judge has ordered polls to remain open till 8:54PM in GALVESTON COUNTY ONLY. Don’t let democrats steal the election because you stayed home. Cast your [...]