Early Voting Election Information by County

October 21, 2012
Team Weber wants you to be prepared for early voting. Below you will find links that will answer any and all questions about where to voter during early voting.


Early Voting Election Information by County

Galveston County

Brazoria County 

Jefferson County


Early voting starts Monday October 22, 2012 to Friday November 2, 2012.

Randy in the News – 10/16/12

October 17, 2012

ICYMI: Congressman Brady and Randy Weber host jobs tour and XL Pipeline press conference in Jefferson County. Check out all the news coverage Randy and the Congressman received:

Politicians speak out on Keystone pipeline via Channel 12 News Now (video)

The race to replace Ron Paul via KHOU 11 (video)

District 14 Candidates Talk Jobs, Energy via SETX Fox 4 (video)


October 15, 2012

League City– The Weber for Congress campaign introduced their Educators for Weber coalition in Friendswood today at the Dunn Bros. Coffeehouse with teachers and administrators from across the 14th Congressional District.

“I am not running for Congress because I want to participate in a large federal bureaucracy, that shackles Texas educators,” said Randy Weber.  “I am running because I want to reduce that bureaucracy, and free our educators to give our children the best education that they can receive.”

“Education is the key to our children’s success,” said Brenda Weber, teacher of 26 years and Chair of the Educators for Weber coalition, “I am extremely passionate about education and equally as passionate about my husband’s campaign for Congress. I believe that we have two choices on November 6th. We can choose the current tax and spend path that promotes bigger government and reckless spending or we can choose the more conservative path, the path my husband is fighting for, that will promote lower taxes, decreasing our troublesome debt, and getting Texans back to work. I know he will fight to make our education system the best in the world and fight to get America back on track.”


October 10, 2012

League City– Weber for Congress is calling on the Lampson campaign to pull down their most recent ad due to false information regarding a vote Weber made in the Texas House.

“This ad is a blatant lie,” said Courtney Weaver, communications director for the campaign. “As a former Congressman Mr. Lampson should know better than to deceive the people he seeks to represent. This is a desperate attempt by a career politician who has been fired twice by voters to get back to Washington.”

The ad claims that Weber voted to send jobs overseas. The legislation in question was an amendment attached to the budget bill during the 81st legislative session. The amendment stated that it would not let a company receive a tax credit, exemption or discount at any time during the two previous years if they created a job overseas resulting in an elimination or creation of a similar job in the US. While the amendment had the best intentions to keep and create jobs in the country, there were many holes in the legislation leaving many questions unanswered. The amendment was shot down 122 to 19.

“This amendment was not a partisan issue,” said Weber. “The legislation did not specify how to verify if a job was outsourced or how to determine whether the job could have been created in the United States let alone Texas. There wasn’t enough information on how companies would be monitored or the costs that the state would have incurred by taking on such a task. There was just too many holes in the amendment and as a result, an overwhelming majority of my colleagues and I voted against the legislation.”

“This amendment had the potential to do more harm than good,” said Bill Hammond, President of the Texas Association of Business. “It would have created more regulations on businesses and expanded the role of government in the private sector. In turn, forcing businesses and jobs out of the state. Mr. Lampson should be ashamed of himself for playing dirty politics and twisting the facts to his benefit. It is career politicians that are hurting our jobs creators and their potential to help grow our economy. He needs to take the misleading ad off the airwaves now. Randy Weber is a small businessman with integrity and strong Texas values. We need more of that in Congress.”



October 9, 2012

League City– Randy Weber recently received the NFIB Safe Trust endorsement for his experience and knowledge in the business world.

Lisa Goeas, NFIB Vice President of Political and Grassroots, issued the following statement:

“Randy Weber is a small business owner and a member of NFIB. He knows how taxes and regulations affect the economy and why it’s important to curtail taxes, spending and regulations.

“His experience running a small business was clearly reflected in his voting record as a member of the Legislature. He earned a lifetime 100 percent voting record on the issues that mattered most to our members. His opponent, on the other hand, voted against small business nearly three quarters of the time while he was a member of Congress. So this is an easy choice for Texas small business owners.”

“This is a critically important election with massive fiscal and economic challenges just over the horizon, and Texas small business owners need leaders like Randy Weber in Washington who are committed to doing big things for small business.”

“The NFIB’s endorsement is another testament to my business acumen,” said Randy Weber. “I’m going to Washington to fight for Texas families and small businesses. It’s to put a stop to big Government and time to lower taxes, cut spending, reduce the deficit and get Americans back to work.”



October 4, 2012


League City– Tonight the Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership (BAHEP) held a Congressional debate featuring Randy Weber and Nick Lampson. Randy was the clear winner of the debate showing a decisive plan and clear vision to get Texans back to work and to reduce the size and cost of the Federal Government.

“There are two distinct choices for voters on November 6th,” said Randy Weber. “They can choose a  tax and spend liberal who will vote with Nancy Pelosi and who South East Texas voters have already fired twice. Or they can vote for me, someone who will go to Congress and fight for their best interest. I’m ready to make the tough decisions that will get our economy back on track and Texans back to work.”



October 2, 2012


League City– The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the world’s largest business federation, representing more than three million businesses and organizations, announced that they have endorsed Randy Weber for his support on pro-business issues.

In the endorsement letter to Weber, the President and CEO of the Chamber, Thomas J. Donohue, wrote,  “At no other time in our nation’s history has it been more critical that Members of Congress provide leadership that protects and advances the interests of the business community. We believe that your election to the U.S. House of Representatives will help produce sustained economic growth, help create more jobs, and get our country back on track.”

“I’m honored to have received the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s endorsement,” said Randy Weber. “Businesses, small and large, make our country great. Congress needs to be a champion for them and as a small businessman for the past 31 years I understand what it takes to create jobs and meet a payroll. I will go to Washington to fight for lower taxes and to put an end to job-killing regulations and mandates that hurt our job creators.”


Join us for a pre-debate rally!

September 29, 2012


Wednesday, October 3

Steuben Waterford Room
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First Campaign Ad Hits Airwaves Today

September 18, 2012

League City– Weber for Congress is going on the air today with the first ad of the general election.

“My first ad of the general election sets the tone for my campaign,” said Randy Weber. “It gives voters a chance to get to know who I am and how my experience will help in the fight to decrease the deficit, champion our job creators and work toward putting more money back into the pockets of hard working families in Texas.”


Lampson Lights Up For Pelosi Bucks

September 14, 2012

League City– This Saturday, tax and spend liberal Nancy Pelosi will be touching down in Houston to stump for fellow liberal crony Nick Lampson.

In fact, the Lampson/Pelosi relationship is not new. Lampson has received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Nancy Pelosi and her political action committees in the past. Lampson has voted with Pelosi over three-fourths of the time, including voting to elect her Speaker of the House.

“In 2008, the voters in southeast Texas said enough was enough and ousted Nick Lampson because he didn’t represent the values of the voters. It appears that Lampson hasn’t changed his stripes,” said Congressman Pete Olson.

Nothing has changed since 2008 – Texans still want lower taxes, leaders who will fight the deficit, not add to it and small business leaders to help cut through the bureaucratic red-tape and job killing regulations in Washington that is stifling our job creators.

“The voters of Congressional District 14 have two very distinct visions for the future.  They can choose the Obama/Pelosi/Lampson liberal path which has brought us ObamaCare, $16 trillion in debt and kept unemployment over 8%; or the Romney/Ryan/Weber conservative vision to lower taxes, cut spending and debt and get Americans working again. It’s just that simple.” said Randy Weber.