I believe the voters of the 14th Congressional District have two very distinct visions for the future.  They can choose the current tax and spend path which has brought us ObamaCare, $16 trillion in debt and kept unemployment over 8%; or they can choose the path with a conservative vision to lower taxes, cut spending and debt and get Americans working again.

Returning to Fiscal Discipline

Our current fiscal path is unsustainable. Waste, fraud and abuse have plagued Washington for years, making balanced budgets seem impossible. Entitlement spending, and a complicated and burdensome tax code have made job creation and economic growth impossible. We need to fight to preserve America’s free-market economy, balance our budget, and return our country to sound economic footing.

Restoring National Pride

America has long been an example to world, but that example is now being tarnished. Attempts to relinquish our American sovereignty to international organizations that constantly work against us must be stopped. We must honor our soldiers and veterans both at home and abroad, and we must immediately move towards energy independence, so that we can strengthen our economy, and end our dependence on foreign oil.

Securing Our Nation’s Borders

The federal government’s failure to secure our borders is a serious threat to our national security. The constant flow of illegal drugs and gang activity must stop now. Until we secure the borders, we cannot begin to address the issue of illegal immigration and its costs.

Honoring Faith and Values

Traditional American values have been the source of our strength throughout history. We must create a culture of life in America so that every life is cherished and protected. We must fight to preserve traditional marriage, so that American families remain strong, and we must preserve religious freedom, remembering that America was founded, and has long been defended, by religious people.

Rolling Back Regulation

Federal regulation is killing the economic engine that keeps our great nation running. Misguided bureaucrats are creating new regulations that will kill small business and stifle job creation. We must stop new regulations and begin a systematic review of existing regulations.

Stopping Unfunded Mandates

The federal government is bankrupting our states and local governments with unfunded mandates. Our communities are not only having to find ways to implement standards dictated to them by Washington, but they also have to find ways to pay for them. We must stop unfunded mandates and return control back to the states.

Reforming Our Entitlement System

Entitlement spending has ballooned out of control, and entitlement programs are redundant and wasteful. Until we seriously address entitlement reform, we will not be able to balance our budget, and we will continue down the path to financial ruin.

Repealing Obamacare

Obamacare is bad law, passed through a flawed process, and it will have a lasting negative impact on our nation. We must repeal it immediately and replace it with sensible, patient-centered health-care reforms.

Defending the Constitution

America needs to get back to our Constitutional principals. We must fight to uphold the 2nd Amendment against those that seek to curtail it. The constant assault on private property rights that has become common-place in Washington must end, and the integrity of our elections must be upheld.