October 10, 2012

League City– Weber for Congress is calling on the Lampson campaign to pull down their most recent ad due to false information regarding a vote Weber made in the Texas House.

“This ad is a blatant lie,” said Courtney Weaver, communications director for the campaign. “As a former Congressman Mr. Lampson should know better than to deceive the people he seeks to represent. This is a desperate attempt by a career politician who has been fired twice by voters to get back to Washington.”

The ad claims that Weber voted to send jobs overseas. The legislation in question was an amendment attached to the budget bill during the 81st legislative session. The amendment stated that it would not let a company receive a tax credit, exemption or discount at any time during the two previous years if they created a job overseas resulting in an elimination or creation of a similar job in the US. While the amendment had the best intentions to keep and create jobs in the country, there were many holes in the legislation leaving many questions unanswered. The amendment was shot down 122 to 19.

“This amendment was not a partisan issue,” said Weber. “The legislation did not specify how to verify if a job was outsourced or how to determine whether the job could have been created in the United States let alone Texas. There wasn’t enough information on how companies would be monitored or the costs that the state would have incurred by taking on such a task. There was just too many holes in the amendment and as a result, an overwhelming majority of my colleagues and I voted against the legislation.”

“This amendment had the potential to do more harm than good,” said Bill Hammond, President of the Texas Association of Business. “It would have created more regulations on businesses and expanded the role of government in the private sector. In turn, forcing businesses and jobs out of the state. Mr. Lampson should be ashamed of himself for playing dirty politics and twisting the facts to his benefit. It is career politicians that are hurting our jobs creators and their potential to help grow our economy. He needs to take the misleading ad off the airwaves now. Randy Weber is a small businessman with integrity and strong Texas values. We need more of that in Congress.”