October 9, 2012

League City– Randy Weber recently received the NFIB Safe Trust endorsement for his experience and knowledge in the business world.

Lisa Goeas, NFIB Vice President of Political and Grassroots, issued the following statement:

“Randy Weber is a small business owner and a member of NFIB. He knows how taxes and regulations affect the economy and why it’s important to curtail taxes, spending and regulations.

“His experience running a small business was clearly reflected in his voting record as a member of the Legislature. He earned a lifetime 100 percent voting record on the issues that mattered most to our members. His opponent, on the other hand, voted against small business nearly three quarters of the time while he was a member of Congress. So this is an easy choice for Texas small business owners.”

“This is a critically important election with massive fiscal and economic challenges just over the horizon, and Texas small business owners need leaders like Randy Weber in Washington who are committed to doing big things for small business.”

“The NFIB’s endorsement is another testament to my business acumen,” said Randy Weber. “I’m going to Washington to fight for Texas families and small businesses. It’s to put a stop to big Government and time to lower taxes, cut spending, reduce the deficit and get Americans back to work.”