Lampson Lights Up For Pelosi Bucks

September 14, 2012

League City– This Saturday, tax and spend liberal Nancy Pelosi will be touching down in Houston to stump for fellow liberal crony Nick Lampson.

In fact, the Lampson/Pelosi relationship is not new. Lampson has received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Nancy Pelosi and her political action committees in the past. Lampson has voted with Pelosi over three-fourths of the time, including voting to elect her Speaker of the House.

“In 2008, the voters in southeast Texas said enough was enough and ousted Nick Lampson because he didn’t represent the values of the voters. It appears that Lampson hasn’t changed his stripes,” said Congressman Pete Olson.

Nothing has changed since 2008 – Texans still want lower taxes, leaders who will fight the deficit, not add to it and small business leaders to help cut through the bureaucratic red-tape and job killing regulations in Washington that is stifling our job creators.

“The voters of Congressional District 14 have two very distinct visions for the future.  They can choose the Obama/Pelosi/Lampson liberal path which has brought us ObamaCare, $16 trillion in debt and kept unemployment over 8%; or the Romney/Ryan/Weber conservative vision to lower taxes, cut spending and debt and get Americans working again. It’s just that simple.” said Randy Weber.